Easy to justify the cost of moisture sensors at new Wilds Minne school

Already during the construction phase, the moisture sensors at new Wilds Minne school detected moisture that might have caused damage in the future

In 2022, Veidekke invited Sensor Innovation to collaborate with the property owner, Kristiansand Eiendom. The awareness that moisture damage costs various societal stakeholders tens of billions each year drove Veidekke to seek a system that detects moisture at an early stage.

They found the solution when they were introduced to Sensor Innovation and our sensor system into®. The system measures relative humidity, temperature, and liquid in real time and combines this data with external climate data and machine learning algorithms. When abnormal values are detected, an automatic alarm is sent to the building manager so that measures can be taken before the moisture causes damage.

“It is an easy choice for both the contractor and the developer to support the into® product when the likelihood of justifying the costs is so high.
Tor Harald Ihme, Project Leader at Veidekke Entreprenør AS

The former Wilds Minne school was located in an old building that was far too small for the needs. Now, the school has been completely renovated and transformed into a top modern school in solid wood, along with a multi-purpose hall, totaling nearly 10,000 m2. In the autumn, 60 teachers and over 500 students will be welcomed.


With a strong emphasis on sustainability and innovation, Veidekke Entreprenør AS and Kristiansand Eiendom have placed Sensor Innovation and our moisture control technology at the center. The goal has been to create a building that remains dry throughout the construction phase and enjoys a long operational phase with the highest possible degree of predictable maintenance.

Moisture detected already during the construction phase

Already during the construction phase, the condition-based moisture monitoring in the roof and walls has proven valuable. Through continuous monitoring, the property owner, Kristiansand municipality, has avoided potential moisture damage that would have taken a long time to detect. Several moisture accumulations were discovered early in the process, allowing the source of the leak to be identified and the scope of repair work to be minimized.

Tor Harald Ihme is a project manager at the construction company Veidekke. He is clear that without the moisture sensors from Sensor Innovation, Veidekke would have had to open both walls and roofs to a much greater extent and at a much later stage than what was the case at Wilds Minne school.

"A moisture alert in the roof allowed us to open a defined area of about 10 square meters of the roof to address the situation. Had the moisture been detected without the sensors, we might have had to open as much as 400 square meters,” Ihme explains.

In total, Veidekke intervened in 3-4 locations within the structure during the construction period, as a result of alerts about high moisture levels. These were quickly addressed, thus avoiding renovation costs in the long run. A leak near an elevator shaft was also detected. Thanks to the detailed map in into®, Ihme's colleagues were able to target the issue precisely.

Tor Ove and Tor Harald Ihme at Wilds Minne School

Moisture sensors as a crucial part of sustainability efforts

With the sensor system and our expertise as moisture control advisors, we have helped ensure a dry and durable building for Wilds Minne school. In addition to over 200 regular sensors installed in and on the roof structure, 14 special sensors for measuring wood moisture in the walls were also deployed, which provided alerts during the construction period.

"As a contractor, it was highly satisfying to hand over a building to Kristiansand municipality that we knew was dry. The building has the best possible conditions to maintain the quality of the building materials for a very long time. This is sustainability in practice,” Ihme continues.

On our sustainability page, you can read more about how our sensor system contributes to sustainable buildings.

Imperative to be at the forefront as a contractor

Our participation in a new project with Veidekke—constructing two student blocks with 371 housing units in solid wood at Lund Torv in Kristiansand—underscores the contractor's strong belief in our technology and expertise.

Ihme points out that developments in sensor technology are progressing rapidly.

“For us, it’s crucial to keep up with these advancements and demonstrate that we are at the forefront of development, making use of the available technology,” he says.

Ihme also emphasizes the importance of the long battery life of our sensors, which allows building owners to monitor moisture and temperatures for up to 30 years.

“As always, money talks in our industry. However, we believe the likelihood of recouping the investment in the sensor system is high when the large numbers are calculated. This makes it easy for both the developer and the contractor to support the product,” he concludes.

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Wilds Minne Skole x Sensor Innovation 2
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