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How much does the sensors cost?
  • You pay a one-time cost per unit and an associated device license to operate the system and receive alerts for abnormal moisture development. The prices for the units range from 890 NOK to 1.690 NOK. The license is divided into different levels based on the analysis and advisory needs of the customer. The cheapest license costs 15 NOK per unit/month.

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What area does a sensor cover?
  • In a roof surface, a sensor covers an area of approximately 25 m². The sensor itself provides a point measurement, and through algorithms and a network of sensors, the system builds a profile of the construction and predicts the moisture condition over a larger area.
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How do you purchase the sensor system?
  • Contact one of our advisors directly or send an inquiry via the Contact us form, and we will get in touch with you at the earliest opportunity.
How are the sensors installed?

We often consider the building as a whole and integrate sensors at different levels based on the building construction. In general, we differentiate between the roof surface and isolated terraces, the overall building envelope, and the entire structure, including critical rooms, wet rooms, and fixtures. We make an individual assessment for each project to optimize the system according to the customers' needs.

  • ROOF - For structures with flat roofs, there is the highest risk of moisture damage through the roof surface. This installation involves a grid of sensors mounted on the vapor barrier, while drain guards are installed in connection with the downspouts on the roof surface.
  • CLIMATE - By integrating the system into the climate envelope, one takes into account not only the roof but also the walls, floors, and foundation. The most vulnerable areas are pipe-containing shafts, transitions between floors, and areas where different materials are combined (such as steel, concrete, and wood). By installing sensors in enclosed risk areas, the system will detect potential damage before it becomes visible. It is already too late to limit the extent of the damage once it becomes visible indoors.
  • TOTALWhen looking at the building as a whole package, it includes the entire external climate envelope and also addresses acute leaks and moisture problems associated with surfaces. This includes automatic water shut-off in shower areas/bathrooms and under kitchen countertops. Additionally, we can install sensors to monitor relative humidity and temperature in rooms. This covers everything from living spaces and wet rooms to technical rooms at risk of heat or moisture development.
  • CUSTOM - For certain types of buildings and businesses, there are other applications that are more relevant for the use of into® technology.
    • MUSEUM - There is an increasing demand for monitoring museum buildings and artworks. Sensor Innovation can provide a complete package for monitoring and monitoring humidity and temperature in museums, ensuring optimal preservation of objects according to requirements and local conditions.
    • STORE - Sensor Innovation provides a solution for monitoring and controlling temperature and humidity in refrigerated display cases. With its own interface, each sensor can be programmed to alert in case of condensation and temperature variations in the cases. It is becoming a growing problem that stores fail to comply with cooling requirements due to open cases or defects that lead to food waste.
    • PROPERTY INSPECTORS - According to the Sale of Real Estate Act, a condition report should describe dry wet rooms before handover, in connection with the construction of new homes or when buying and selling established homes. As a property inspector, instead of manual measurements, you can install an into® Sensor Plus with a 30-year lifespan under wet rooms or from adjacent walls. This way, the customer has ongoing assurance that the wet room meets the standard. At the same time, the device can be used for further reporting in case of a potential resale.

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