Our sensor system got recognized as innovation by BREEAM

Our into® sensorsystem has been recognized as an innovation by BREEAM, making it one of 67 innovations worldwide to receive this recognition.

The prestigious project, Innovation Center (BT4) in Tromsø Research Park, has placed Sensor Innovation in the history books as one of the few technologies that qualify for innovation points in the international BRE standard. Developer SIVA, in collaboration with the general contractor Consto, has been at the forefront of investing in Sensor Innovation and the into® technology.

"Through this process, we have proven that our technology significantly surpasses current standards. The classification as innovation will have positive implications far beyond this individual project," says an enthusiastic Bjørge Nesset, CPO at Sensor Innovation.

Proactive moisture control with long lifespan

The into® technology enables a new and digital proactive way of monitoring moisture and temperatures in building structures. The sensorsystem into® maps critical moisture and temperature developments in real time. By utilizing both building physics and machine learning, the system analyzes historical weather data and simulates natural variations.

With sensors integrated into the building structure, the Research Park represents a new way of thinking about construction, sustainability, and maintenance for the future.

When the sensors in the into® technology detect moisture deviations, an alert is sent directly to the control system in real time, allowing operational staff to take necessary measures before the moisture causes damage. This shift from reactive to proactive moisture management represents a fundamental change in maintenance practices, leading to better building maintenance, extended lifespan and safety, as well as a significant reduction in carbon footprint and lifecycle costs.

The into® system sensors are designed to last over 30 years, providing a long-term solution in line with building lifespans. The into® technology marks a milestone in the way we think about moisture control and building maintenance.

The into® system provides full control over critical points

The into® technology provides detailed and systematic monitoring of critical points in the building's construction. This includes critical construction components such as:

  • Moisture monitoring in flat compact roofs: A vital part of monitoring that helps identify leaks that can lead to extensive damage over time.
  • Monitoring of roof drainage: To ensure that downspouts function correctly and prevent water damage that can occur due to blockages or malfunctions.
  • Monitoring of timber moisture in wooden structures: This ensures that roofs, walls, and floors, exposed to water, condensation, weather, and wind, maintain their structural integrity and do not suffer from moisture damage, which in turn poses a risk of mold and rot.
  • Monitoring of pipe ducts: Important to prevent leaks that can cause serious damage and high repair costs.
  • Monitoring of technical rooms: Critical to ensure that technical systems function optimally without disturbances from moisture damage.
  • Monitoring of kitchen areas and small electronics: Particularly susceptible to water and steam, specialized monitoring is necessary to maintain a safe and healthy work environment.

This entails innovation points from BREEAM

The into® product series is recognized as an innovation by the European environmental certification scheme for buildings, BREEAM. The Innovation Center in Tromsø becomes the northernmost building in the world to be certified as "Outstanding" according to BREEAM NOR guidelines.

Innovation center Tromsø

Throughout much of 2023, a diligent effort was made with extensive application processes. The goal was to demonstrate to the national actor Green Building Alliance (in Norwegian) and the international actor BRE Group that the sensor system is unique and actively contributes to advancing the construction and real estate industry towards creating sustainable buildings.

Sustainable work with global reach

The work at the Research Park contributes to SIVA's societal mission to contribute to sustainable industrial value creation and production throughout Norway. The Research Park and the into® technology have the potential to influence future construction projects not only in Norway but also internationally.

The value of the into® technology is validated through such processes. When an environmental certification scheme for buildings - such as BREEAM - recognizes the system as an innovation, it is evidence that it can be used in almost any building, regardless of whether the building is to be certified as a BREEAM building or not.